Reetun Roy

Black and White Rainbows

Watching from a window-sill

Or from a cabin by the hills

the sky that once was painted blue

looks all white and grey 

Watching with a cup of coffee

Book in sight or maybe a keyboard

the pages that once were all filled with words

look like the end, a void

Rain that once went like a playful chime

Arc in the sky flashing every colour to exist 

Now the water from the heavens seem oh so sombre

While the monochrome rainbow weeps


Stars Fall

Footsteps echo

So does the rain,

they echo into nothingness

I wonder as I listen, 

do the stars hear them too? 

I hear water drip down the ceiling,

hear the turn of a page,

hear a sigh of exasperation,

the sound of turning away.

I wonder,

do the stars do too?

In their never-ending constance 

in their infinite existence

I wonder if they see 



feel the cold, empty handshakes 

or a warm hug or two

Now I know they did

they always did, they always do.

The stars, they have eyes and ears

they just don't show 

They're watchers 


a pin-drop silent audience

Now I know


I just watched the stars fall

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